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Latest Winners 2018

Mens Singles Winner
LS Winner
Mens' Singles Winner:
Tim Orr (Boscombe Cliff)
Ladies’ Singles Winner:
GDPR White Rock BC

Mens' Singles Runner-Up:
Carl Dyer (Sidley Martlets BC)
Ladies’ Singles Runner-Up:
Julie Hawkins (Battle BC)

Mens' Pairs Winners:
Tim Orr (Boscombe Cliff) and Glen Newton (Sidley Martlets BC)
Ladies' Pairs Winners:
Ros Jellis and Maxine Clarkson
(both of White Rock BC)

Mens' Pairs Runners-Up:
Lee Dickson & Jason Walter
(both Spartan & Lakeside BC)

Ladies' Pairs Runners-Up:
White Rock Lady and Carol Baxter,
Northiam BC

Open Triples Winners:
Lee Dickson, Rob Morphett and Lee Heitzman of the Spartan & Lakeside Club

Open Triples Runners-Up:
Dave Morgan (Rosemount BC), Marge Baldwin (White Rock BC) & Steve McGill (unattached)