Hastings Open Bowls Tournament
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Photo Galleries: 2019

Mens Singles
Mens' Singles Winner:
Lee Dickson
Ladies’ Singles Winner:
Lorraine Milburn

Mens' Singles Runner-Up:

Ladies’ Singles Runner-Up:

Mens Pairs
Ladies Pairs
Mens' Pairs Winners:
Lee Dickson and Rob Morphett
Ladies' Pairs Winners:
Julie Greenslade and Mary Bray

Mens' Pairs Runners-Up:
Stuart James and Martyn Naylor
Ladies' Pairs Runners-Up:
Roma Dalby-Pinyoun and Jenny Lawson

Mens Trips
Open Triples Winners:
Trevor Pearce, Derek Southouse and David Payne

Open Triples Runners-Up:
Steve Burrell, Keith Cheetham and Steve Jeapes